James Allan

James Allan


Canadian, b. 1959

Lives in Oxford, UK




Now It's Here, London, UK, 2018

Art Jericho, Oxford, UK, 2016 (solo)

OVADA Seven Counties Open, Oxford, UK, 2015

Net.art, online, 1998-2007

The Digital Lascaux, online, 2000

A.K.A. Artist's Centre, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1993

A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, 1993

Toronto/Chicago Exchange Project, Toronto, Ontario, 1993

Arcadia Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, 1993

Roundup '91, Toronto, Ontario, 1991

Roundup '90, Toronto, Ontario, 1990

Mayworks, Toronto, Ontario, 1990

Gallery 76, Toronto, Ontario, 1985

Funnel Experimental Film Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, 1984




Art.Teleportacia.org, copy-editor, 1989-2015

Oxford Dreams, with Eugene Gorny, 2012

A Co.Lab.ora][s][ory, online, 2003

Website Unseen #100, online, 2000

Sensebus, Interaccess, Toronto, Ontario,1999

He Likes His Smoke, 16 mm film, 1984

China Cinema & the Strange Unknown, S8 film, 1984

Not Entitled to View, S8 film, 1984

Still Life Picture Plain, S8 film, 1981


Head of Imaging Services at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford since 2004


photo: Eugene Gorny